Lavender Fields

History of the Farm

Lavender Fields was part of a 1000-acre patent made by William Penn in 1684 to Molestine and Kipstaven.  In 1685, Molestine sold his share to Thomas Fisher, whose son Joshua sold the property to Reverend James Martin in 1736.  The Fisher house (later the Martin homestead) stood near the intersection of Cool Spring and Fisher Roads and is now know as the “Fisher-Martin” house which serves as the Lewes Chamber of Commerce office after being moved to Savannah Road in 1985.

Over the years the land was handed down to family, sold and subdivided in 1973 to the current five acres.  The property has always been a producing farm, starting as a major fruit grower in the late 1850s with 3,400 peach trees as well as apples, pears and other small fruits.  Grain and sugarcane were also grown and sorghum was manufactured.  The old house was demolished and the new manor house built around the turn of the century.

In 1958, W. Weldon and Elizabeth Brittingham, dairy farmers who owned Lewes Dairy, purchased the property and added the silos, corn crib and milking shed where they processed their milk prior to transfer.

After they sold it to the Heikels, who lived on the farm for 21 years, Pauline Petitt purchased the farm in 1994.  Her father was a well known lavender grower in England and Pauline renamed the farm “Manor at Cool Spring Bed & Breakfast and Lavender Farm” and became known locally as the “Lavender Lady”.  She planted the first lavender plants and sold the first lavender products.   She sold the farm to the current owners in October of 2002.  After several years of hard work, many updates and projects Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor has become a popular year round agri-tourism destination for visitors and locals alike.  Centrally located in between Georgetown, DE and the Lewes, Rehoboth DE beaches in Milton, DE.


Types of Lavender

The height and width of lavender can range from dwarf to giant; flower color from white to pink and every shade of purple; foliage color from silver to green.  Mature plants range in height from 12 to 36 inches, in shape from spherical to bushy.  We grow over twenty varieties of lavender.  Our most popular selling plants are in two categories:

English Lavender (Lavandula Augustifolia)

Munstead – Lilac pink to mauve pink flowers, fragrant, blooms twice annually (early spring and late summer).  Hardy, compact, bushy, dense mid-green foliage.

Hidcote – Mid-blue to dark purple flowers, spicy, fragrant.  Green -gray foliage more compact flowerheads, bushy density and evenly covered in spikes.

Lavender Intermedia (a hybrid of English and French Lavenders)

Grosso – Beautiful dark lavender flowers.  Grows to 36 inches tall and is the main lavender used for oil production in France.  A very versatile, hardy plant, good for landscaping, oil, flowers and crafts.

Provence – Grows to 26 inches tall.  Mauve to violet flowers, very fragrant, long flower spikes, large flowerheads.  Aroma powerful and sweet.  Blooms in mid-June to July.  Good for fresh flower arrangements and sachets.



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