The Farm

Located on a historic, five-acre farm on the scenic Delmarva Peninsula, Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor is Delaware’s premier lavender farm. Owned by Sharon Harris and Marie Mayor, we have been growing quality lavender since 2003.

We offer seasonal lavender plants, bath and body products, honey from our own beehives, culinary items and a wide variety of Delaware handcrafted items, including Soap Fairy products.

These can be purchased online, at our cottage store, and when in season, you can find us at several local farmers markets in Sussex County DE.

Additionally, a variety of events at the farm can be accommodated. These include classes, walking tours, small groups, bus tours, weddings and other special events.


For us, lavender represents the joining of the old and the new, the relaxing and the stimulating, a return to the farm and a reaching out into the larger world of marketing and tourism, a blending of the mythical and practical, a place for learning and enjoyment.

While the farm is always open to visitors, the ideal time to visit is early June to early July when all the lavender is blooming and harvesting hasn’t begun. Our cottage store is open every day from 10:00 to 4:00,  and everyday except Sunday in January through March.  You can find us working in the shop, barn, or in the fields any day the weather is nice.

The Farm

Come and rest with us awhile. Find a shady bench under a tree or stroll through our gardens.

In addition to the 3,000 lavender plants in the fields, there are many other gardens to visit at the farm. The Herb and Flower Garden with its pathways and gazebo, rose gardens, raised herb beds, everlasting garden, and perennial flower gardens stretches between our cottage store and barn.

Behind the barn is an over-abundant vegetable garden, typical of Delaware. Our award-winning Dahlia Garden is behind the cottage store and boasts 64 varieties of dahlias.

The Specimen Hosta Garden surrounds the shady areas around the Manor House.

The Native Wildflower Garden is located in the fenced area just behind the lavender beds.

The Bee and Butterfly Garden is located just north of the wildflower garden and is a wonderful place to take pictures.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is located behind the barn within a circle of trees and is an exact duplicate of the Labyrinth embedded in the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres near Paris, France. Like the Chartres Labyrinth, it has eleven circuits, is 42 feet in diameter and a one-half mile journey to walk both in and out. The entryway pergola is heavy with blooming wisteria in the spring.  

The meditation labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known, having been used for many hundreds of years for prayer, ritual, initiation and spiritual growth. Like the Labyrinth, each of our lives is a sacred journey. It is about letting go and continuously expanding one’s vision of what is possible. We are all on the path…exactly where we need to be. The Labyrinth is a model of that path. There is only one way in and one way out. However, there is no right or wrong way to walk a Labyrinth. Every way is a good way. Walk the labyrinth with a quiet, open mind and heart, focusing on the Spirit

Zen Garden

One of the few shade gardens at the farm is the rock lined Zen Garden.  Nestled behind the Manor House and shaded by a semi-circle of Rose of Sharon trees, it is a place for quiet reflection and meditation.  The intimate Buddha waterfall pond area provides a sense of peace and tranquility and offers a respite from the hot summer sun.  The antique bird baths belonged to the owner’s grandparents and provide the many varieties of native birds with a quick drink or bath.  Many of the varieties of Hostas displayed throughout the garden were donated by the DelMarVa Hosta Society.  Day lilies and annuals provide some specks of color throughout as well as in the six foot window box that highlights the picture window of the Manor House.  The garden is one of the owner’s favorites and is a must see when visiting the farm.

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