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August & September are a great time to plant lavender. 
We are pleased to announce our biggest ever 

English and French variety
lavender plants are available. 
The more you buy, the more you save!

Regular Sized Potted Plant 
Regular price $8.00

On Sale

Buy 1 plant – $7.50 each

Buy 2 plants for $14.00

Buy 3 plants for $19.50

Buy 4 plants for $24.00

Buy 5 or more plants – $5.50 per plant

Large Sized Potted Plants
 Regular price $15.00

On Sale for $12.00 each


Lime Margarita Soap

$4.00 per bar August 1st – August 31st.

Lime Margarita soap is a perfect selection for
cooling off from a hot day.  Its use will put you in the
mood for a fun-filled summer afternoon.


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