Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor accommodates a variety of events at the farm including small groups, small bus tours, weddings and other special events.

Events must be booked well in advance to ensure availability. All our facilities are accessible including our restrooms, but it is recommended that visitors wear good walking shoes and casual clothes, as Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor is a working lavender farm.  Contact our Events Coordinator, Josie Cicerale at for more information.

Open Talks

Every Wednesday at 10:30 AM from mid-May until the end of October, we host an open talk on the history of the farm, its amenities, and, of course, how to grow lavender and its uses. Talks generally last 30 minutes – 1 hour and are held in the Sassafras Grove. Reservations are not required.


Group Tours 

Tours and an orientation to the farm are free, but to book a tour for your group, there must be at least 10 people in the group with an advance reservation.

Weddings and Special Events

We accommodate weddings, wedding receptions and other special events for groups of up to 100. Event planning services are the responsibility of the wedding party as well as arranging for caterers, music, photographers, parking attendants and equipment (tables, chairs dance floor, lighting, etc.). Set up and clean up are also the responsibility of the wedding party including the removal of all trash.

For most events, a refundable deposit will be required. The rental fee includes the use of the farm and gardens as specified in the contract.

For scheduling, pricing or further information, please contact our Events Coordinator Josie at 203-449-3669.   email Events.

Barn Rental  /  Small Groups

The Drying Barn is available for rental for small group events from 10AM – 4PM Monday – Friday (2 hr minimum rental).  To schedule your event or for more information, please contact the Cottage Store at 302-684-1514.


Schedule your small group (minimum 4 / maximum 16) for tea or lunch in our tea room.  Larger groups can be accommodated in our barn.  Email Martine for more information at

Two tea menu options are available, with pricing ranging from $30 – $40 per person.  Lunch pricing varies, please contact Martine for details.

Scheduling available Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM – 4PM.  Plan your visit on a Wednesday from May – September and attend the open talk given by Heather at 10:30am in the Sassafras Grove.

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